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Bulk SMS is one of the popular way to reach your customer. We provide end to end solutions to your SMS needs.

Domain Names and Web Hosting

  •  Can Integrate with any software Application

  •  Can sent SMS using Web Browser, from an Excel Plug-in or Mobile App
  •  Excellent after sales Service and Support
  •  SMS Can be sent in regional languages also (Ex. Telugu)
  •  Your own sender ID (Ex : TM-MYFIRM).

Windows Application Development

Mobile Application Development

  •  No DND Filter, No time limitation, can be sent to all numbers, around the clock

  •  SMS can be sent according to TRAI Norms only
  •  Quick template Approval
  •  SMS can be sent to Clients / Students only
  •  Promotional SMS cannot be sent

We provide wide range of Windows applications that exactly suit your requirements. Our applications includes simple stand alone, Client-server and cloud storage models. Security is the highest level of preference in our applications.

Our Services

Bulk SMS

iTech Software Solutions Specialized in developing customized Windows Applications, Websites, Web Applications and Mobile Apps. In addition to this, We Provide Domain Names, Web Hosting, Bulk SMS Services also.


Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS

At  iTech we believe a Website is a Best Way of Communication with end user. We design easily understandable and attractive websites. We are specialized in Web Application based on Cutting Edge Technologies like  java and .NET that can interact with your clients.

We develop Mobile Applications for the Specific requirements of Clients. We Provide mobile Applications that can be integrated with your Windows Application and websites. These application  allows your Customer to stay connected to the web information using the mobile.

Web Designing

  •  No restriction on SMS content. No approval required

  •  SMS can be sent to anybody, but DND Filter applies
  •  SMS can be sent in between 9 am to 9 pm only